About Amy Hagar and Body Therapy

Amy Hagar received her training from physical therapist John Barnes, the pre-eminent teacher of Myofascial Release. I'm a licensed massage therapist and a physical therapist assistant 15 plus years.

Body therapy is just that...Body therapy. Each session is tailored to your individual needs. One person may have been through traditional physical therapy and still have that shoulder, back, neck, jaw, etc... pain. A full body postural assessment along with myofascial release work, postural massage, home exercises, and stretching, may help someone achieve an active pain-free lifestyle.

Another client may have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse. Not only are they emotionally affected, but often times have various chronic pain(s). Helping them process body memories as well as receiving craniosacral therapy, massage, unwinding and rebounding can be very beneficial.

Another client may just want to relax and have a massage. That’s good too.

~Amy Hagar, LMT PTA

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